Assuming your health is good, would it possible to develop diebetes under a diet that consists largely of carbohyrdates BUT you are eating on a calorie deficit? : nutrition

Probably not, if you correct for weight. There’s clearly a link between overweight/obesity and DMII. The available evidence seems to indicate that diabetes is a pathology of fat cells. Without overweight, DMII probably doesn’t occur. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t very thin people with diabetes, because there are (google LADA and MODY), but they probably have other forms of diabetes, presumably with an an autoimmune or genetic component. There are also true type 2 diabetics who are “normal” weight by BMI, but who are still overfat.

However, there are eight or ten genes that have been linked to increased DMII risk, so it’s also likely true that DMII is really a group of similar appearing diseases with some variations between the various genetic manifestations.

Most overfat type 2 diabetics who have not had elevated blood sugars for more than 5 years or so will also be able to reverse their condition with fat loss. This includes the “normal weight” group. I had mildly elevated A1C at a “normal” BMI of 25, but that completely resolved with weight loss.

There’s no evidence that a diet high in sugar, carbohydrates, or fat — in the absence of overconsumption — results in diabetes. Saturated fats cause a brief, temporary insulin resistance, but this is probably not a clinical concern except in people who consume a very strange diet.



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