Visiting Chef Osaka Hosts a Kaiseki Dinner.


Chef Hisanobu Osaka will host a sumptuous Kaiseki dinner at Lincoln Park’s acclaimed Naoki on Thursday, March 23rd. Prior to coming to Lettuce Entertain You, Chef Osaka was a protege of both Iron Chef Morimoto and New York’s famed Daniel Boulud.

Kaiseki is a culinary art form akin to Japanese haute cuisine – balancing taste, texture, appearance and even the colors of food. To this end, only the freshest seasonal ingredients are used and finished dishes are carefully presented on plates chosen to enhance both the appearance and the theme of the meal. Dishes are beautifully arranged and garnished, often with real leaves and flowers, as well as edible garnishes designed to resemble natural plants and animals.

Join us for this truly unique dinner ~ Call 773-868-0002 to make your reservation.

SAKIZUKE (amuse)
Takenoko, broccolini, miso

HASSUN (assorted appetizer)
Crab salad, cauliflower sheet, Panko crusted braised pancetta, Nama wakame, tosazu jelly & Uni, Toro tartare, Sushi dori

TSUKURI (sashimi)
Hirame `usuzukuri`, Masu, kombu salt, Mauro

SYOKUJI (sushi)
Tamara sushi, Sasa sushi, Nigari, Shikai maki, Bou sushi

SHIIZAKANA (main course)
Japanese Wagyu A-5

KANMI (dessert)
Japanese whiskey ice cream




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