Easy Overnight Oats Recipe

Looking for an effortless, nutritious and delicious breakfast? You need to try this  easy overnight oats recipe.

Overnight oats in a ja with berries on top

I’m usually not into oats and oatmeal, but this is pretty much the only way I can have oats. Or in oatmeal raisin cookies.

This healthy effortless breakfast idea takes 1 minute to make and you can easily customize it to your taste.

Often times I skip breakfast, which is not good at all, but I’m either in a hurry or I’m too lazy to make one. But if I make oatmeal the night before and keep it in the fridge, I’m sure I’ll have breakfast, since all I need to do is add some fresh fruit to it. I topped my oats with some chia seeds and hemp hearts. Feel free to add your favorite nuts. 

Oats are rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which makes them healthy for your gut and perfect for breakfast.


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