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Hey everyone, first-time poster having newly discovered this sub. I'm a college student in Dublin and have been getting more and more into cooking in the last year or so, and it's become one of my favorite hobbies. That being said, neither my depression nor my wallet can sustain making unique dishes several times a day, so I've been on the hunt for meals I can make (preferably in my large dutch oven) and just pull out of the fridge and reheat. Ideally something that won't go bad too fast, as well.

I really like Adam Ragusea's YouTube channel, if anybody knows him, since he has decent economic recipes like this. One in particular I found a lot of success with was his rice & chicken bakes, which is crazy cheap and easy to make, while lasting a few days. Something like that is perfect, but I've grown somewhat tired of eating that dish specifically so here I am. I've got no dietary restrictions, but I don't have an expansive set of tools in my kitchen.

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