Breakfast Criminals is now At Home with Ksenia

At Home with Ksenia - Ksenia Avdulova

After 7 years of @breakfastcriminals, it’s time for a metamorphosis.

What started as an anonymous Instagram page in 2013, became a global movement that led to…

  • Events and retreats from Brazil to Russia
  • Thousands of people eating from the heart bowl around the world
  • My own cereal box cover nationwide
  • Partnerships with some of the top brands from high fashion (Miu Miu) to tech (Instagram) and home (Vitamix)

I had no idea that following my intuition and sharing what was making a difference in my life after years of dieting, not feeling like I fit in, and being in relationships with the wrong people would become “a thing”.

Sharing recipes of acai bowls and connecting with a like-minded community is what helped me get over a heart break and losing what I thought was my dream job.

Over the years, Breakfast Criminals opened many doors, like partnering with GirlUp to speak to the next generation of female leaders at the United Nations. It also became a platform where I amplified other voices through morning ritual takeovers. That said, everyone still knows Breakfast Criminals as me, Ksenia (thanks to everyone who’s come up to me at Whole Foods to say hi).

Over the years my self-expression and my business grew in many directions:

  1. I started consulting other conscious entrepreneurs to build an aligned online presence and was recently named “Top Social Media Coach” by Yahoo Finance
  2. I started a top-rated podcast, Woke & Wired
  3. I got engaged to an incredible man (aka #boyfriendsundays)
  4. We left Brooklyn and bought a tiny cabin in the forest
  5. We survived a nightmare move (at least it went viral on TikTok 😉
  6. We renovated it and turned a tiny shack into an actual dream home with a 12-acre backyard (a tour is coming up on Apartment Therapy)
  7. I started gardening
  8. I trained in leading cacao ceremony and started leading my own cacao experiences
  9. I launched a group coaching program and have trained 50+ people in my Conscious Social Media Method

Over the past 12 months, I’ve experimented with making @breakfastcriminals a brand that’s separate from my personal essence and tested reposting breakfast recipes and morning rituals content from others. The thing is, I see food as a powerful tool and a beautiful language that can help us connect to ourselves and others, but it’s only an entry to something deeper.

Even though I LOVE good food, keeping that as the main focus of what I share didn’t feel aligned.

Alignment is everything.

If we don’t 100% resonate with what we’re putting out there, it will be felt by the human on the other side of the screen.

The container of Breakfast Criminals didn’t feel expansive enough to hold the messages I’m called to share with the world. In March, I shook up the ground by announcing a 6-month break from all sponsored content. That break gave me the space to realize…

If something is not a 100% yes, it’s a no. What’s not aligned doesn’t have to go to the garbage… it can go to compost.

So I’ve decided to release @breakfastcirminals.

BreakfastCriminals.com will still exist as a wellness and mindfulness resource.

But my Instagram home will be @athomewithksenia (once Instagram allows me to make the change. turns out you can’t change your username when you have a verified account).

I’m here to remind you and give you the tools to feel:

1. At home in your space.

2. At home in your body.

3. At home in your life.


The values remain the same:

  1. Nourish your body with delicious healthy foods and mindful movement
  2. Live intuitively
  3. Use food as a universal language to bring together community
  4. Find morning rituals that work for your lifestyle, and lean on them as an access to living your best life
  5. Give back by supporting sustainability, fair trade and aligned charities whenever possible

It also symbolizes being at home in your mission and in your presence – online and offline. But that’s a different story, which I cover in my online programs, podcast and upcoming 5D mastermind that starts on October 1.

I’m in the process of streamlining the user experience of how all my brands and offerings tie together – stay tuned, if it’s aligned.

You can also connect with me on @whereisksenia @wokeandwired @tinycabinnewyork.

What metamorphosis are you ready to invite into your life?

With superfood hugs and gratitude,


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