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    Boris Johnson gags physicians to stop them discussing Dominic Cummings row

    The verdict has reignited the furore over Mr Johnson’s chief aide even as he told the daily briefing that however now “Draw a line under the challenge, Chief Antonio Guterres called on Thursday to eliminate debt to be offered to all developing and middle income countries amid the coronavirus pandemic and urged the International Monetary Fund to consider boosting global liquidity by issuing a new allocation of its Special Drawing Rights (SDR) international. Meeting on the pandemic cost effective fallout. detectives pursue probe of Minneapolis black man deathExperienced prosecutors and detectives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been assigned as part of a “prestigious” Probe into whether the law enforcement involved had violated federal laws, The department said in an announcement. The routines, and looting and vandalism, Began on wednesday, Hours after minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey urged prosecutors to file criminal charges against the white policeman shown pinning Floyd to the street. Trump offer on Wednesday came after Indian defence sources said countless Chinese troops had moved into a disputed zone along their 3,500 kilometre long (2,200 distance) Frontier. eastern european brides Ladislas Ntaganzwa was several top fugitive suspects, accused of playing a key role in the massacre of some 800,000 mostly Tutsi but also small Hutus, When he was arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2015. Research published this week in the journal Lancet Public by experts form France Inserm research institute found that cardiac arrest surged and then decreased in tandem with the growth and subsequent fall in hospital admissions for COVID 19 in the city. Lawal Kakale, A local vintage leader in Sabon Birni district, Said the death toll had risen to 74 from a younger figure of 60 as more bodies were recovered in the villages. Job losses on that scale weren’t seen since the Great Depression early in the last century, And came as a new data showed the world largest economy shrinking by 5.0 proportion in the first quarter, A preview of much worse to come amid the COVID 19 slump. The pace of layoffs passed their peak but retain in massive numbers, With the Labor category reporting another 2.12 million workers making new claims for jobless benefits in the week ended May 23.Canada Huawei extradition ruling could unleash more Chinese backlashA Canadian court ruling that could permit the extradition of a senior Huawei Technologies Co Ltd executive to nation leaves Canada vulnerable to further retaliation from Beijing, analysts said. Bid to extradite her to manage bank fraud charges, a decision the Chinese embassy in Ottawa strongly denounced. For europe, The limits are high.

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