What You Should Do if You Find a Dog in a Hot Car

We’ve all seen it: a dog pressed against the window of a car in the sun. If you wait for a few minutes by the car and the owner doesn’t return there are steps you should take immediately. Taking these actions could save a life!

  1. Quickly scan the parking lot for the pet’s owner. Ask nearby folks if the car is theirs.
  2. Write down the car’s make, model and license plate number.
  3. Dash into any local businesses and ask managers or security guards if they can alert customers to the situation.
  4. If you can’t find the pet’s owner, dial the non-emergency number for the local police or animal control.
  5. Stay next to the car until the proper authorities arrive on the scene.
  6. If, and only if, your area has special laws that allow it, you may break into the vehicle to save the animal’s life. This is only an option if you have already called law enforcement!

Be sure to know when to get involved by reading this article but never ever be afraid to intervene because dogs cannot speak for themselves!  

Please pass this post along to anyone who could use this reminder! Thank you!

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