Get stuff done! 2020 Minimalist Calendar printable

minimalist calendar printable 2020

minimalist calendar printable 2020

Happy new year! Is it just me or does the new year always creep up on us way too quickly?

Each new year I design and make a printable calendar because I always use a physical calendar – the digital ones are fine but I like to plan with an actual paper calendar in front of me.  Are you the same?  If you are, this beautiful 2020 minimalist calendar printable is perfect for you and it even includes Jan 2021 so you get a bit extra.  Once printed out, it looks stunning and will be something you want to display where everyone can see it.

Apart from it’s good looks, this calendar will help you plan and stay on track for your 2020 goals.  There is plenty of space around the numbers so you can even write on it.  In fact that is exactly what I’ve done – printed 2 copies for the month and stuck one up on my wall while I’ve written all over the other one.

And for the first time, this calendar is available in a large A3 size – ideal for your wall.

You can buy the calendar in my printable shop and once you make payment, you will be able to download all 12 months + 1 month (Jan-Dec 2020 + Jan 2021) and print out as many copies as you like so you could even print out one for every room in your home.  This year I’ve got not only A4 and US letter sizes but I’ve also made an A3 calendar which is ideal for putting up on your wall.  You’ll find all of these and more details in the shop so head on over there and get your copy today.

printable 2020 calendar

recycled paper calendar

minimalist wall calendar

2020 calendar printable minimalist design

I’ve printed my 2020 calendar on some beautiful recycled card paper and I’m really pleased with the result. I tried a few different colours of recycled card – an off white, a brown kraft card and a greyish toned card all of which work really well with the minimal design and the black type.  I would recommend that you too go for some lovely recycled card in soft, neutral tones for a really stylish look.

Once printed, these minimalist calendars can be stuck on the wall or you can even put them in a frame. The A3 version is especially perfect for displaying on a wall as it’s nice and big.  The A4 and US letter versions work as both wall or desk calendars.

Head on over to the shop to get your copy of this minimalist calendar printable for 2020. The calendar will help you plan your goals and see your month at a glance, all while looking at a super stylish, minimalist calendar.

Get your printable minimalist calendar here.

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