A simple Christmas table setting in white and green

white table setting ideas party

simple Christmas table setting

I always like to keep my table settings simple and minimal but at Christmas time, I like to add a little bit extra.  A hint of a shimmer or a bit more greenery – still a very simple Christmas table setting but a bit more special.  Setting a lovely table makes a meal feel that much more special but it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

I’m a believer of trying to use or repurpose stuff you already have at home rather than buying more stuff just for Christmas – unless you’re going to use it regularly.  Besides, there’s a lot you can do with some fresh greenery, empty glass bottles, even mismatched plates and other bits and pieces you most likely have in your home already. I also like to keep any DIY’s very simple as who needs extra stuff to do at this time of the year?

easy Christmas table decor ideas

For my simple Christmas table setting this year,  I’m going for a green and white table using a white linen tablecloth and matching napkins. A white base is usually my go to for any occasion because it works with everything and it always looks modern and fresh.  And linen is my go to fabric as it’s so forgiving – bunching up, creases, wrinkles and all just add to the beauty of the look.

I’ve then added more white to the base with white plates.  These are my everyday plates and they work well as my Xmas table theme is white and green. But if you’ve got plates in other neutral colours (grey, beige, grey-green etc) which are the most common colours, they’ll work just fine too and don’t be afraid to mix and match either. Layering different coloured plates on each other can look great.

white table decor Christmas

Christmas table napkins

Christmas table napkin rings DIY

I love using napkin rings for special occasions like Christmas as I think they add something extra to a place setting.  These are the easiest DIY napkin rings that you can make in minutes.  All you need is 2 bits of jewellery making supplies and some strong glue.

I used rectangular wood pendants and round brass stamping blanks. Then I glued the brass blanks to the wood pendants and that’s it. The end result is a minimal napkin ring that works really well for a stylish yet simple Christmas table setting or anytime you want to make your table look a bit more special.

white table setting ideas party

modern table setting Christmas

simple white Christmas table setting

Adding lots of greenery to a table brings the outside in, creating a lovely festive feel.  As it’s a Christmas inspired table I chose to stick to a mix of greens only but you can always introduce some flowers that work with your colour scheme. For the bigger centrepiece – which I’ve deliberately placed off centre – I went for stems of tree fern which looks festive yet delicate.

Next I placed some rosemary in glass milk bottles and placed a wooden craft ball on top.  This was another way to add greenery to my table.  I don’t like a centrepiece that’s too big or tall as you can’t see the person opposite you.  As I don’t have small vases, I went with small glass bottles  instead – they don’t have to be the same size – mix and match all you want.  I like how the herbs stand out so well inside the glass. I also added a bit of eucalyptus in a larger glass bottle because you can’t beat the smell of fresh eucalyptus. If you’re going for greens too, choose a mix of foliage and herbs that you love and dot them around the table.

Finally I don’t think any table is complete without a few candles so I went for 2 tall candles of different heights as well as some tea lights dotted around the table.  Using different heights for candles, glasses and where ever you can also adds interest to the table.

simple Christmas table setting

This is such an easy and simple Christmas table idea re-create at home. And it takes minimal effort for maximum results.

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