Category: Cake

Get It Together, Bakeries

Wrecky minion Aryn took this photo October 23rd: OCTOBER 23RD. So this bakery is selling Christmas cakes two major holidays before Christmas. Which would be awesome for pranking that friend who passed [ … ]

Happy VS Flappy

It’s Bat Appreciation Month, minions, and I’m sure we can all agree: bats of every kind are pretty amazing. Whether they’re long and lumpy: Or short and girthy: Whether they have a [ … ]

Kelley With Only One Eye

Somehow literal LOLs just never get old. I mean, how can you NOT imagine this baker’s thought process as s/he carefully inscribed, “Kelley with an eye”? THIS BAKER: “Poor dear, [ … ]

Sarcasm "Awareness" Month

Over the years, I’ve noticed some of you don’t “get” sarcasm. Which I totally understand! I mean, sarcasm is super hard. Really. So. Let me help. Because I care. I really, really care. Okay, [ … ]

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