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Loop! (There it is!)

Ahh, the loop method, my favorite way of starting a new thread. It’s simple and I’m gonna show you how to do it. This tutorial is going to assume you’re [ … ]

Week 26: Vex Destroyer

Happy Monday! I hope this last week of March finds you all well. I’ve been battling allergies all week, you know, sneezing and realizing how much you took breathing normally [ … ]

Feeling Light-Headed

So, you wanna stitch a little something for Halloween? And you want it to be based around Destiny? I’ve got you covered. Actually, I had finished this last year, but [ … ]

Be Well and Stitch

Over on Instagram, there is a delightful hashtag #bewellandstitch where a lot of designers are posting free patterns so that everyone has something to do during this time when we [ … ]

This post is sus

Oh look, another gaming cross-stitch pattern. This time it’s from Among Us which is, you know, everywhere right now. I haven’t had the time to stitch this up yet, but [ … ]


Hello, folks. I’ve been developing, managing, or testing software products since 1997. In that, I’ve seen a number of principles, patterns, practices, fads, good ideas, bad ideas, and ideas that [ … ]

Outliers – I

When I think of Software Craftsmanship, I initially think of works like teach yourself programming in ten years or Richard Gabriel’s Master’s of Fine Arts In Software or perhaps Worse [ … ]

Outliers – II

Later on in the book, Gladwell examines airplane crashes – and how they happen. Listen to this: In a typical crash, for example, the weather is poor – not terrible, [ … ]

How we gain expertise

Kathy Sierra did a 30-minute presentation at The O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference on how we gain expertise – and the audio is available from ITConversations for free. You canListen to [ … ]

This is how we do it …

Our VP of Product, Adina Levin, presented how we develop software at Socialtext to the Silicon Valley Product Management Association yesterday. Details on my other blog, Creative Chaos, here. Source [ … ]

New Interview up

I just completed an interview with FreeLanceSwitch.com on my career and it’s intersection with writing and public speaking. The interview is up here, and, as a Frequently Asked Questions list [ … ]

The Agile Aptitute Test

About two weeks ago, I sat in on a panel on Agile Development with Menlo Innovations co-founder Richard Sheridan; today Lisamarie Babik, Menlo’s Cheif evangelist gave a talk on extreme [ … ]

What is elegant code?

David Starr recently interviewed me for his podcast, “Elegant Code“, and just put the interview up on the web today. The audio quality is a little choppy in parts, but [ … ]

Outliers – III

Last Month I mentioned the great body of literature on airline crashes and how they happen. The problems are similar to ones we experience in business: The project is late, [ … ]

Development Katas

As many people in the software craft movement have pointed out, it’s very hard to focus on reflective improvement while you are coding. In fact, the nature of your work [ … ]

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