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While large breed dogs may be able to keep up with their owners just fine even under strenuous conditions such as long hikes and bike rides, smaller breeds often have trouble keeping up. It used to be the case that this meant owners had to leave their beloved furry friends behind. Today, though, they have a better option: they can purchase a dog carrier backpack.

Bring Small Dogs Along for the Hike

With a dog carrier backpack, owners can bring their dogs with them even on long walks, hikes, and bike rides. This can help to solidify their relationships with their pets, who will be equally excited about their new-found freedom. It can also allow small breed dog owners to begin participating in activities they would otherwise consider off the table due to their previous inability to bring their furry friends along.

A Safe and Comfortable Solution

Dog carrier backpacks are safe for use on bicycles and even motorcycles; plus, they’re comfortable for both dogs and their owners. Dog carrier backpacks can be custom-fitted to meet the needs of a variety of small-sized dogs, too, ensuring the animals’ comfort throughout their trips. The dog carrier backpacks designed by K9 are even veterinarian approved for safe use.

Custom-Sized Packs

Dogs should be measured when they are sitting in a begging position. Owners can simply measure the length from their dogs’ collars to the bases of their tails in inches, then use these measurements to choose a size that will perfectly fit their pups. Owners who are having difficulty determining the correct size can also find help online.

Help Animals in Need

Dog owners who choose to purchase their dog carrier backpacks from K9 won’t just be helping their own dogs; a part of the money they spend will also go toward helping animal and rescue shelters.

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Interested in checking out dog carrier backpacks and other innovative products? Readers can get additional information here that can get them started on the path toward enjoying more quality time with their small dogs. Shipping is available worldwide, too, so consumers across the world can appreciate these useful products.

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